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Q: Why should I consider using ProRisk Consulting Group LP?
A: ProRisk specializes in assisting our Client create, maintain and expand their operational excellence through the delivery of highly advanced services that will save you time and money.
Q: When should I seek outside assistance for our insurance policy needs?
A: If you are not fluent in the processes associated with conventional, customized and boutique insurance policy underwriting you need ProRisk to provide a free assessment for your consideration.
Q: What is the difference between Conventional, Custom and Boutique insurance policies?
A: A conventional policy is configured by the insurance broker or provider under the base line options available. A customized policy caters to the specific and unique needs of the Client under advanced policy options. A boutique policy is completely custom written by a specialties broker or insurance provider where certain policy options have to be created by the underwriter.
Q: Why should I have ProRisk give me a free assessment?
A: Our assessments are free and will help you identify the areas where our services can be cost effective. Having the expertise of a seasoned Team like ProRisk take a look at your needs and/or operational platform can have enormous upside benefits.
Q: ProRisk has a referral network, why should I consider within with those you refer?
A: ProRisk has prescreened each of the providers we refer and we refer those we network with on a non-biased and non-favoritism basis allowing our Clients to make the final decision. We monitor the performance of those we refer and this gives our Clients an added layer of confidence.
Q: We are currently in litigation, how can ProRisk assist us?
A: As a member of your "Discovery Team" ProRisk can provide transparent information to any outside authority and assist in the development of a powerful response to your Legal Team.
Q: How does ProRisk save me money?
A: It is said that "knowledge is power" however ProRisk would suggest that "knowledge applied is more powerful" and that is what we bring to our Clients tables of success. We provide a comprehensive approach that is scalable based on your individual needs to help you identify and manage risk on every level.